A 55 acre oasis nestled in the Gatineau Hills

La PĂȘche, Quebec, Canada

Outdoor Space

50 Guests

Free Parking

About this Listing

For $55/person, gain a day of access to tranquility and nature with the opportunity to hike, kayak, sleep in a hammock, enjoy the beach or sit by the bonfire.

We are a Retreat Space for Events, Cabin Rentals, Zen Camping, Yoga Classes, Personal Development & Wellness Workshops

This space has been created to provide a tranquil escape into nature for people to take time away for themselves, to connect authentically with others and to just escape the everyday and have some fun!

When you allow yourself time to retreat, you give yourself the gifts of time and space. Personal retreats are an opportunity for a true reunion with the real you.

A retreat offers you space to connect with the inner resources, strength and inspiration needed to return to life feeling rejuvenated and re-connected. A retreat opens the door for you to do something great for yourself, and in the process do something great for everyone you touch in your life. If you're willing to honestly challenge yourself, a retreat can be a life-changing experience. It allows you the space and time to contemplate life, reevaluate who you are, and become better equipped to travel your journey. And in turn, you'll be better able to support the people in your life---at work, at home, and at play---and contribute to their wellbeing as you contribute to your own.

We also offer overnight stays.



Food Available for Purchase

No Alcohol for Purchase

No Alcohol on Premises

Catering Permitted

Kitchenette Available

Audio Equipment

No Visual Equipment

Not Wheelchair Accessible

Ground Level

Natural Light



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$55.00  Per Day


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