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We have all types of venues. From corporate meetings to birthday parties, or from workshops to fitness classes, you can search for the exact criteria you need to find the perfect place for you.

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Are you maximizing the use of your space? Vacant space is an opportunity. Improve your cash flow by listing your space for rent. Without subscription fees, you only pay transaction fees on bookings.

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upSpace is all about connecting people. Specifically those who have spaces available with anyone looking for a place. Regardless of the use case, upSpace is here to make seamless matches.

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Real estate is expensive. We get that. upSpace makes it more affordable. We aim to help you achieve 100% optimization of the space you have by matching needs with haves.

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We hate not knowing our neighbours. Together, we can encourage face-to-face interactions in our community. The sharing economy uses resources better and makes for happier, more connected people.

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Who likes service charges? We certainly don't. That's why there are no additional fees to book. No fuss.

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Our reviews work both ways. Hosts and guests can rate each other and help build trust in our community.


Coordinating with your host or guest is super simple with built-in messaging and real time notifications.

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Hosts only pay for results. Our commission covers all transaction costs so you know exactly what you make.